Desroy Phillips aka Dez, who is an upcoming reggae artist born and raised May 12th,1988, in the Parish of Westmoreland Jamaica resided to the state of Delaware at the age of 18 where he began to show love and desire of wanting to become a dancehall artist . In 2011 where I met a couple of rap muscial artist known as Yung Texxus , Nish Eastwood, J-Lex, Larry'Money King and Leftlane Didon who saw my potential and love for music and is influence by Movado, Vybz Kartel, Buju Banton and Sizzla etc. At the age of 22 I started writing and recording my own music such as “Watch Ya Mout”,” Nice” , “Mi Love Yuh”, “Gangsta City”, “Model Pon Dem” e.t.c and my first mixtape called “Tun it up” is currently in the process of droppin. You can find me on Facebook under the name Desroy Phillips or you can visit my music page called Dez.

The whimsical Makeida Beckford whose stage name is “Keida,” has emerged as a budding new talent on the dancehall/reggae scene. Keida from Bull Bay, Jamaica. Growing up in a household in which both her parents are visual artists, they instilled a work ethic that charged Keida to follow her dreams and do whatever it is that inspires and drives her. A well-rounded individual – Keida paints, surfs and is an experienced graphic designer - she passionately extends herself to the limit.

A STAR HAS EMERGED! The call to music came while enrolled at the Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts. In 2009, Keida released her debut single “Jamaican Boy,” on the Stalag Riddim.

The single, which was produced by Craig "Leftside" Parks of Keep Left Records, is a light-hearted ode to the men of her beloved island, Jamaica. With over 100,000 YouTube views, the song became an instant radio hit receiving airplay locally and abroad. Keida recalls the first time she heard the single on the radio, “When I heard ‘Jamaican Boy’ on the radio for the first time I was doing set design in school, I was excited but humbled. I thought it would just be a one-time thing. At that point I still hadn't realized the reality of myself as an artist.”

Following the success of “Jamaican Boy,” Keida released singles such as “Can’t Get Enough” (Birchill Records), “Hot It Up” (KeepLeft Productions), “Bubble Up” (Chimney Records), Dancefloor/Care Not” (Jam 2 Productions), “All I Have” (Romeich Records) and “Really Love” (Liv Up Records) to name a few. The recognition afforded her the opportunity to work with other producers such as (ZJ Chrome/CR203) and Don Corleon.

Keida"s hard work and dedication to her craft paid off when she was nominated for the Excellence in Music and Entertainment Award for Best New Artist (Female). She won the Jamaica Star People’s Choice Awards in two categories: Best New Female Artist and Best Singjay in 2010. Not only is she winning with industry accolades, but she’s also commanding the stage during her performances at shows such as Sumfest Digicel Stage, Mystic Moonlight, Spring Break 2010, Brit Jam 2010, RJR Cross Country Tour, RETV School Tour,Rapids Beach Party and Show and Wickie Wackie Live to name a few. Additionally, she has worked with dancehall artists such as Tami Chynn, Tifa, Timberlee, Stacious, Natalie Storm, soca star, Shurwayne Winchester and Protoje.

In 2011, Keida recorded a song with Antiguan and reigning Soca Monarch (2010) Tian Winter for “We are the West Indies” campaign, aimed at revitalizing the public’s perception of cricket. The campaign’s promotional efforts, thus far, has included travel to Barbados. Keida has performed in Barbados and will perform in Trinidad and Dominica over the summer.

In a male dominated industry, Keida is not intimidated at the challenge of setting herself apart. “I try not to segregate gender when it comes to music. It's not impossible, as a female to be just as good as a male at anything, but depends on your talent and what you bring to the table. I think we as females just have to go twice as hard.” Keida has her sights set on distinguishing herself as a talented artist and not just another talented female artist. “My ultimate goal is to maintain a fresh new strain of music and build a foundation that will encourage growth, but at the same time remains current for years to come.

In 2012 Keida Released her first mixtape "Wickedest Ting" which gave a overall feel of some 26 songs she has done over her time as an artist. Since Then Keida Has recording and focusing on her album which is suppose to be released sometime in 2013.

For all inquiries , Contact Great Whyte Entertainment at 876 8673376 or

Chimney Records artiste Austill Henry, known more to his fans and peers by his stage name ZAGGA, The musician had his sight set at an early age to achieve greatness within the music industry and life itself.
Born and raised in Jamaica, where he is still located in the garden parish 'St Ann’, Zagga works assiduously and is determined to achieve his goals.
Zagga has been doing music from the tender 
age of 10. While attending Ocho Rios Primary school he was known to be knocking on desk tops with his hands to make beats that would bring out his flavor in dancehall/reggae, showcasing his marvelous talent. His peers would all listen, dance, cheer and encourage the aspiring artist to continue doing music. Upon his advancement to Ocho Rios High School he performed in most of the school’s events. ”I can even recall modeling for the black history month celebration, I was Mr. Ethiopia and got 1st runner up and after modeling I ripped the stage up with a smashing performance” Zagga says.
At 12 years old moving on to 13 Zagga was introduced to hip hop/rap music by his friends “Blaze and Bolo”. His first hip hop icons were DMX and slim shady and did he enjoy their music! He then started to gravitate towards hip hop, exploring it and discovering its cultures as well as the different hip hop artists and what they had to offer. Now with all that knowledge and years of listening, he has managed to effectively merge the style of hip hop, dancehall/reggae and pop so that fans and veterans of the music industry can acknowledge as well as enjoy and see the potential in it.

He released his first ever mixtape on April 1, 2011 titled “The Remix God”. As the title state “The Remix God” it is filled with popular songs all remixed by Zagga, the mixtape served its purpose and gotten the attention needed as it did well on radio with a number of requests each day on popular radio stations in Jamaica such as ZIP 103 FM, HITS 92 FM and IRIE FM. The mixtape did well not just with radio plays but with over two thousand downloads within a week of its availability along with good reviews by disc jockeys, artists and fans. Good friend of Zagga, Ruption of RD Studios has always been a listener of Zagga’s music. After the unofficial release of song titled “Island Breeze” on the “Island Vibes Riddim” from Zagga’s mixtape, it crossed the ears of Ruption and sparked him to pitch this song to producer Jordan McClure of Chimney Records. Not long after a meeting was called and Zagga found himself face to face with producers of Chimney Records discussing a management deal.

After such deal was finalized Zagga has had various releases such as “Versatile in love” on the Steel Strings Riddim (September 2011), When we a meck stgeppings on the steppings riddim release by Romeich Records, his single “Change” (November 2011), “Money me want” on the Intensity Riddim (November 2011), Gimme some on the master’s blend riddim released by JA productions, newly released Remember the days on chill spot riddim by chimney records, aslo worked with Dj Frass, Dj Smurf, Gesta music an Kimichi records to name a few and has been interviewed by various radio stations and appeared in newspapers.
`In the apparent future, Zagga see himself performing at many popular events, collecting Grammys, breaking records in addition to leaving monumental marks in the music industry.
He quotes “The fight is only over when you win, losing is not an option!”

Born Michael Kruise Williams on May 17, 1991, Cruz Hova grew up purely on the influences of music as his father was formerly the best sound engineer on the north coast of Jamaica. Cruz Hova started writing songs from the tender age of 10 while living in Kingston, Jamaica. A few years later his unique talents were recognized by his father,who quickly encouraged him to continue music and played the role as his manager for four years,during this time Cruz Hova was practicing the Reggae/Dance hall genre which he quickly mastered and was performing at local stage shows around Jamaica. During his recognition as an artiste Cruz Hova has been recognized to be one of the most versatile, intelligent and sophisticated young lyricist of his generation as he has the ability to share vivid experiences of the street life through his music, and his ability to create songs of upliftment and elevation people of all ages. The Cruz Hova dominantly describes Michael Williams, as the word Cruz means Cross on english + H+Ova which means Cross Ova, describing his unique ability to do all forms of music, such as rapping, singing, djaying. etc. Cruz Hova is still an upcoming artiste as he has not reached stardom recognition as yet but is very close to that aim as he is working continuously in the studio day by day, making mix tapes after mix tape. Cruz Hova is surely one of the most promising young talents of his generation and the World will crumble at his feet once he blesses the Nation with his talents. Cruz Hova is currently a citizen of United States, living in New York, relishing his chances to rock the world with his messages of movement and progress to the society.

Management and bookings: call KHOOL INTERNATIONAL - 1876 877-5956 OR EMAIL Promotions and bookings in the US: CALL DESTINE PROMOTIONS 1347-497-8874 OR EMAIL

Before he became known to the world as I-Octane, young Byiome Muir was just another youth growing up in Sandy Bay, Clarendon with big dreams. Now he is known for his uniquely powerful voice and spit-fire lyrics but before that he gained himself the reputation of being a noisy little boy who was constantly belting out a tune, much to the annoyance of his mother and siblings. Young Byiome took this passion for music and singing to school and could always be found beating a rhythm on the desk and entertaining his classmates. Before long, the casual performances gained Byiome respect and no schoolyard clash, concert, or function was complete without an appearance from the budding singjay. Despite his blossoming reputation as a talented singer, Muir still didn't consider performing professionally as a viable career choice. Understanding the financial hardships that his family had to endure, he took on the role of 'man of the house' and focused on helping his mother raise his brothers and sister. However, his education was not to be neglected. His mother encouraged him to work hard at school and Byiome discovered that he had an affinity for the sciences and architecture. He actually considered becoming an architect but he couldn't seem to escape the call of the music. It wasn't until he completed high school that Byiome really considered getting serious about his talent. By this time, a few people began to encourage him to take the plunge into the music industry. He began performing under the name 'Richie Rich' and aided by his hardcore dancehall lyrics, it wasn't long before he was introduced to famed producer Donovan Germaine of Penthouse Records. Spending time at Penthouse and rubbing shoulders with more established artistes such as Buju Banton and Tony Rebel gave Richie the opportunity to hone his talent and really decide where he wanted to go with his new career choice. While working with Penthouse, he decided to change his name to something that better represented him. He realized that high octane gas was known for it's high energy and performance and knew immediately that this epitomized the type of performer he wanted to be. He personalized it by substituting the 'high' for 'I', and so the name I-Octane was birthed. Three years after linking with Penthouse, I-Octane caught the interest of Arrows Recording Company. He was approached by Junior Arrows who ended up signing him to the label. This decision brought with it a lot of changes and Octane slowly began to make a name for himself. He transitioned from dancehall music to a more cultural vibe and his first hit single 'Stab Vampire' cemented his position as a notable reggae artiste. It seems that the success of 'Stab vampire' served as a catalyst to propel I-Octane forward. After that song went to number one and received the award for Video of the Year at the 'Excellence in Music Awards (EME), I-Octane put out hit after hit, winning over skeptics and gaining many new fans. Song's such as Different page, Hurt mi, and 'Mama you alone' reverberated with people all over and as his reputation soared his fan base increased and the demands grew beyond the Jamaican soil. In in no time I-Octane was performing to his international fan base on his first European tour. Inevitably, he soon began to link with notable producers who were all clamoring to work with the young artiste and his repertoire of hit songs broadened rapidly.
I-Octane is now an independent artiste, having ended a 4 year partnership with Arrows Recordings. His catalogue continues to grow likewise his accolades and he has received numerous awards and nominations in recognition of his work. With only a 5 year stint in the industry he is already being compared to some of the legends in reggae, hence it's only appropriate that many industry professionals and corporate Jamaica are looking to him as the leader of the new generation of musician. Even with his success to date, it is clear that Octane has just scratched the surface of all he is meant to achieve. His music has captured the attention and hearts of people of every color, creed and class and this artiste has undoubtedly unleashed a fire that will eternally blaze. HOTTA FIRE BURNING!!!!

There is an exciting resurgence of conscious, organic music in Jamaica as industry experts and observers agree that Protoje is playing an important role in what is becoming known as the Revival. Not only has he been endorsed by the legendary Bob Andy, one of the premier songwriters in Reggae's rich history; also, noted local journalist, Mel. Cooke, qualified the artist's impact with the headline, "Protoje speaks for generation next."

Leading the militant band, Indiggnation, this powerful songwriter and philosophical thinker articulates the righteous anger of an emerging generation. Protoje reports for duty, re-establishing the standard for the decaying art of socially responsible, mentally stimulating lyricism.

Of his debut album, The Seven Year Itch, David Rodigan declared in an interview: "I'm particularly impressed with the album... which I think is very refreshing." Meanwhile, declared it the #3 album of the year 2011.

Now that the proverbial itch has been scratched, Protoje is about to embark on an affair. His second album is called The 8 Year Affair and will be released on February 12, 2013. Its first single, 'Who Dem A Program,' signaled that the Affair would bring with it an entirely different mental stimulation than the Itch.

Three other singles, NOT A MARIJUANA SONG, AROUND THE WORLD ft. Chirs Watts and KINGSTON BE WISE have set the tone of the upcoming album.

In January Protoje had his album artwork being the cover of the prestigious Reggaeville yearly magazine issue in which he was the featured Artiste while the equally prestigious German Riddim Magazine featured the 8 Year Affair as the album of their January issue and Kingston Be Wise as the Song of the said Issue. He also was privileged to gain the cover of the November Publication of Riddim Magazine.

Anticipation for the release continues to build while Protoje & The INDIGGNATION are anticipating a California tour in June commencing with the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and a European tour in July, commencing with a repeat Performance at Summerjam in Cologne, Germany but this time with the INDIGGNATION.

Chronixx was the 'stage' name his friends bestowed on him, replacing the name 'Little Chronicle' he was given as the 'junior' to his father, the artist Chronicle. A little star amongst his peers, he had shown a love for music and song writing from an early age. He was born October 10, 1992 and was named Jamar Rolando McNaughton. His father, a musician, recognised his talents and nurtured him in an environment in which he could grow into whatever area of music he chose. Always accompanying him to the studio, Jamar grew up around the likes of Burro Banton, Norris Man and the legendary Gregory Isaacs.
With a big smile and an engaging personality, he confidently set out to make his mark in music, by writing his first song 'Rice Grain' by the age of five and going on to be choir director and worship leader at 11. Coached by Danny Browne, he recorded his first song with him in 2003. Always displaying his versatility, Jamar, as a young man at St. Catherine High School, harmonised for gospel artistes such as
Jermaine Edwards and reggae artiste Lutan Fyah.
At 14 years, he started producing and 'building riddims' for artistes such as Konshens and Munga Honorable and composing riddims such as the 'Freezer Riddim' for Icebox Records and voicing artistes
such as, Popcaan for Maverick Records. While focusing on academics, with a special love for Visual Arts, Chronixx knew that his inner voice was coaxing him to let his own voice be heard.
After his brother's death in 2009, Chronixx became more inspired to 'push out' and as fate would have it, in that same year, met some 'brothers' who have undoubtedly impacted on the promising
artist he is today. The synergy he found with Romaine 'Teflon' Arnett of ZincFence Recordz gave birth to the creation of a singer, stepping out militantly with a unique voice and armed with lyrics and an accompanying musical sound, set to capture his place on the reggae music stage.
In 2010, as if on a mission, Alty 'J.O.E' Nunes impacted on the lives of not only his brothers, Aijah & Jahnoi, but on Chronixx as well. They started working as a team and after Joe's passing in February 2011, Chronixx, in honour of the Jah Ova Evil legacy, took his career to another level. Instead of going on to Edna Manley College as planned, he, along with other members of the Jah Ova Evil family, released singles such as Behind Curtain, African Heritage, Wall Street and Warrior.
Today, Chronixx credits his versatility and his professional stage presence to the early lessons he received from his father Chronicle, who always shared his own experiences and encouraged his
son to go one step beyond with each performance. Chronixx is not disappointing his father, his family or his friends who know that the 'sky is the limit' for this young man who sees 'music as his mission.'
YES I!!!!!

Born David Christie, Point O was born and raised in Liberty District, St. Ann. He attended the Ferncourt High School before completing his education at the College of Hospitality.

Point O had his start in entertainment in 2003 but it wasn’t until 2009 that he started to take his dream of being a dancehall artiste more seriously and professionally, and with that came the name change. “I got my name from a friend who at the time thought that I had started to make some progress in my career. My name before that was "Original Champaine". However, I didn't think that Original Champaine was a suitable name to branch out with. So he just came to me one day and told me that I was starting to reach the Point of success and so he started calling me Point O. Immediately after that everyone in my district started calling me Point O.” As for why he chose music, Point O expresses that music has always been something that he loved and enjoyed. “Its been a part of me for a while and the truth is, as long as I am doing something that I am comfortable with and love to do I will do it to the best of my ability.” He has made that his modus operandi putting all his efforts into his music and ensuring that its what people want to hear.
The young artiste see entertainers like Ward 21, Assassin, Bounty Killer, Spragga Benz, Baby Cham and VybzKartel, as top dancehall artistes in the business and are key to his musical aspirations. “I look up to these artist because they are all very good at what they do, they are very lyrical, versatile and also I see them as being very hard workers.”
Point O understands that in this day and age, for artistes to be a mainstay in the business, they have to be able to reinvent themselves and be different. He believes he is just that. “I think its just me being me. I am really a down to earth person. I have my own unique way in which I do my music. But most of all I think the difference has to do more with the way in which I write my music. I can write a song that makes sense on any given beat. My writing skills could be classed as superb. For me, every one of my songs has to be properly constructed. Then I leave it all on the beat. I try not write the same way in which everyone else is doing. I might be writing about the same thing as others but the way in which I structure it will always be different, and due to the fact that the structuring of my songs are always so unexpected, when persons hear them, it always bring a smile to their face or I’ll get positive responses. I try my best to let the listeners enjoy what they are hearing so whether its the melody or words.”
So far, Point O has released a number of songs since his introduction to dancehall. Songs like Everyday, Love Gal Everyday, The Most Bun featuringTimberlee, More Gal, Big Up, The System featuringCamar, Bubble fi mi Baby, All Out, Bad Gyal Command, Protect My Life featuring CK, Nah give up and Don Dadda.
Point O believes its important that music motivates an audience. “Many of the songs that I am doing will help to motivate and inspire the young people of today. The message that I send in such songs will help to boost their confidence and also to help them to become more ambitious persons in life.”
When he’s not focused on his music, Point O enjoys his down time by playing dominoes, draft, a game of football of course and he also extends his artistry to drawing.
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